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Reiki Today
by Barbara Bennett

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Reiki works wonderful in distant healing. I had turned my ankle last summer and it had swelled up and I could not step on my foot. I called Barb and asked for distant healing on my ankle. In the mean time I went to the Dr., they were going to make an appointment to have it x-rayed. Came back home, put my foot up on the back of the sofa and within an hour the swelling was almost gone and the pain was eased tremendously.

Debie H. - Lakeport, N.Y.

I just wanted to say that taking Reiki classes I, II, and ART from Barbara has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It's not just what we learned, but how the classes were presented. It was such a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Barbara made it so easy for us to learn. If I had any questions, all I had to do was call or e-mail her and she was right there with the answers. I can't wait to take my Reiki Masters class from her.

Kathy H. - Sterling N.Y.

I met Barb about 4 years ago at a 'Goddess Tea Party' where she was performing both Reiki and readings.  I decided to have Barb perform Reiki on me.  While she performed the Reiki, she also chatted with me about what she thought was going on in my life and causing blockage in my body.  I was surprised at how accurate she was!  Ever since then, I typically visit Barb 3 or 4 times a year for a reading.  I like to call her my 'Spiritual Counselor'.  The beauty of Barb's gift is that she brings out what is in your head and in your heart and weaves it together in to gentle guidance and advice.  With the assistance of her spiritual guides and tarot cards, she teaches you to trust yourself and will plant the seed of confidence in you to help you with what you might be struggling with. I always leave Barb's sessions with an overall sense of calmness and validation.  You will find that    Barb is very down-to-earth, compassionate and best of all - accurate!  I guarantee that you will enjoy your experience with Barb!

Kathy S. Syracuse, N.Y

Dearest Barbara,
       Having the opportunity to be on your healing table twice now has been such a wonderful blessing in my life. I was in a very scattered state and your calming presence along with all the guides that work with you made the experience one that provided balance and a state of well being that I so desperately needed. You chose just the right stones to work with to assist in creating a more balanced condition for me to work through my issues. I could consciously recognize a shift in my energy field that allowed for clarity and a sense of peace within my being.
     That in itself was a miracle considering how upset and off balance I was before we started. I can't thank you enough for the beautiful person you are and the light and love that you allow to flow through you from source.
     Your a true healer and a blessing in my life and I am so very grateful you chose this path to share with the lucky ones that have the opportunity to receive what you have to offer. I would recommend this experience to anyone that is open to it and guarantee they will find all good things in receiving the light from you, the love through you and they will be better for it without a doubt. We all have choices to many different paths in life and I am eternally grateful you have chosen this one. You have enhanced the quality of my life just by knowing you and even more so to receive Reiki healing from you.
     Wishing you harmony, peace, love and unlimited abundance.

In gratitude and love,
Reverend Denise McKee - Pennellville, NY

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