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by Barbara Bennett

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Tarot Cards

The history of the Tarot is one that has remained a mystery to us for a very long time, and even today many historians will argue where and when the Tarot made it’s first appearance. Some believe that they originated from Ancient Egypt while others suggest they appeared during the middle Ages in Western Europe. Some say the Gypsies brought them to Europe from Egypt. What we do know for sure is that the cards were used in Italy during the 15th century as a popular card game. Although some of the earlier decks have been preserved, we unfortunately do not know who originally designed them.

Today there are 78 cards in a traditional Tarot deck which is divided into the Major Arcana (22cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards).  The word “Arcana” comes from the Latin word “Arcanus”, which means closed or secret. Traditionally, the Major Arcana depicts the greater events in our lives while the Minor Arcana describes more mundane aspects of everyday life.

Tarot cards are one of the most popular prophecy methods today. They are based on the symbolism that each card represents to actually stimulate the reader’s subconscious mind. Basically, they are simply a means to predict the future, lead us on a path to self discovery, and offer advice on making the correct choices in the matter of love, health, finance, career, and everyday relationships. 


Barbara’s psychic readings empower her clients and help them to find positive direction in their lives, and assist them towards the path that leads them to greater happiness.

All enquiries for Tarot card readings in person or telephone readings for Barbara should be directed to barb@reikireadingsandmore.com. You will then be contacted either via email/phone to discuss your requirements.
Contact Barbara Bennett (315) 668-5650 | barb@reikireadingsandmore.com
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