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by Barbara Bennett

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To you believers and non-believers, I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful phone reading with Barbara.  She made me feel very comfortable and we even laughed a few times.  I felt she was very accurate with things going on in my life and found out some very exciting things.  I highly recommend her if your interested in a reading.  I thought that the phone reading was just as good as sitting right in front of her.

Thank You, Julie S. Florida

Barb has read me numerous times over the years I have known her. What I like most about Barb is she doesn't "pump" you for the answers.  She greets you, you sit down, she may have you shuffle the cards (when she uses them) and then she's off and running ! You don't have to say anything more. She has brought through my son, brother and uncle and told me many things not just from my past but about the future as well.

If you really  DON"T want to know something  - don't  go  - but if you truly want an answer, then definitely make an appointment !

Debie H. - Lakeport, N.Y.

I was going through a terrible time in my life - a painful divorce.  I was very sad and lonely.  Barb gave me hope and helped build up my confidence.  I had a tarot card reading from Barb that ensured me everything would be fine. I would find love again, but it would not be for a long time; time enough for me to heal.  I had several readings from Barb over a period of 5 years which told me that there was someone in my future and to be patient.  I moved on and began to enjoy life with my son, family and friends.  I asked Barb for another reading.  Finally, a king appeared in my cards.  He had finally come!   She described him to a tee.  He was older than me, had salt and pepper hair, and was kind and sincere.  A few weeks later I went out to a local bar to see a band with family and friends.  Not more than a half hour had passed, and we caught each other's eyes.  The attraction for both of us was instant.  It was love at first sight.  We talked and enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the evening. It was a fairytale come true. I had never thought that I would ever find love. But what I found was a love that is everlasting.  Six years later we were married.  Our two families are now joined as one.  We are very happily married and enjoy spending time with each other. We are very deeply in love, and yes he is 8 1/2 years older than me, with salt and pepper hair!!

Thank you Barb !!  You know I am a believer !!

Laurie S. – Camillus, NY

I met Barb about 4 years ago at a 'Goddess Tea Party' where she was performing both Reiki and readings.  I decided to have Barb perform Reiki on me.  While she performed the Reiki, she also chatted with me about what she thought was going on in my life and causing blockage in my body.  I was surprised at how accurate she was!  Ever since then, I typically visit Barb 3 or 4 times a year for a reading.  I like to call her my 'Spiritual Counselor'.  The beauty of Barb's gift is that she brings out what is in your head and in your heart and weaves it together in to gentle guidance and advice.  With the assistance of her spiritual guides and tarot cards, she teaches you to trust yourself and will plant the seed of confidence in you to help you with what you might be struggling with. I always leave Barb's sessions with an overall sense of calmness and validation.  You will find that    Barb is very down-to-earth, compassionate and best of all - accurate!  I guarantee that you will enjoy your experience with Barb!

Kathy S. Syracuse, N.Y

I first met Barbara at the psychic fair in Liverpool in 2005. She was sitting in the middle of the room and was the person I was drawn to right away.  My son (11 year old) wanted a reading.  She read for him and was absolutely wonderful with him.  I saw how great she was with him that I had to have a reading with her myself. She was so right on with everything.  She even has seen my grandmother who seems to come with me almost every time! I have had regular readings with her, about every 3 months, ever since. She never asks questions about what’s new in my life, she tells me!  I have recommended her to my friends and they were blown away with her insight!  I would recommend her to anyone that wants a caring honest accurate reading.  She has now become my dearest friend!

Joyce F. Syracuse, N.Y.

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